Camera is child of bone and get insane after ragdoll added.

Hello guys!
Can someone explain me wats wrong with my situation.
I have a camera, it is child of head bone character, because FP view.
From camera to mouse position threre is a Raycast. I have animator.SetLookAtPosition to hit point from that Raycast.
All worked perfect, untill I have added the Ragdoll by RagdollWiazrd.
I have already add all ragdoll colliders to own layer that ignore collissions with himseelf, have layermask for raycast. But if camera is child of HeadBone - it is go crazy by position and rotation.
If I put camera outside character - all goes fine again.
But if I put Empty Object inside bone and attach camera to it via script - it is crazy again(

Hello again)
As usual, there is no answer on my question)
But if you have the same problem - just remove your character joints and recreate them again.
Thats solve my issue.