Camera is Culling "Offscreen" Objects Too Early

Has anyone else noticed that objects are disappearing too early before they exit your FOV when viewing within the Apple Vision Pro?
I tried recording a video of this but the video doesn’t capture the full FOV within the headset. Interestingly, it even seems to use eye tracking info to decide when to cull.

For instance, if you keep your head still and you look towards an object at the edge of your FOV on your right, that object appears, but when you look to the left, that object disappears. (and of course, the problem here is that you very much notice this disappearing in your periphery.)

Anyway, this seems like a Unity glitch, but if it’s something I’m doing wrong, please let me know.

NOTE: I’m using URP.

(ignore this post, I missed that this was a VR question!)

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We should have a fix for this in the next package release. We were only using the left eye for culling, so objects to the right were getting culled a little too early. It’s not based on eye tracking, but maybe you moved your head a little when looking around with your eyes? The fix is in native code for which the source is not available, so it’s not a workaround you can test locally. We should have the new package version out soon, and I’ll circle back on this thread to confirm that it fixes the issue you’re seeing.


Haha. I feel so dumb. You are exactly right.
I thought it was eye tracking because when I looked right, some of the display was not visible because of the angle of my eyes.

Good to know it’s getting worked on. I can now happily ignore this issue. Thanks for your quick response. :pray: