Camera is snapping to a random direction after animation is finished?

So right now, I've got an animation that temporarily controls the player/camera (i'm using the first person controller prefab) and moves them and changes the rotation of the camera, etc. The problem I'm having is when the animation is finished playing and the player is given movement control again, the camera snaps to some random postition (which i think is the rotation the camera/controller was facing when the animation started).

Is there any way to prevent the camera from doing this weird snap after the animation plays?

It sounds like what you're describing is somewhat similar to the problem discussed here. I don't know exactly how your system is set up, but if you're re-enabling the first-person control scripts once the animation has completed, it may be that the orientation is being set to whatever orientation the object was at when those scripts were disabled (as you seem to suspect).

If that is in fact the case, then I suspect the information in the other thread will be at least somewhat relevant to you.