Camera issue.

Hello. I am making a GTA type of game. And I wanted some help. I will be using this thread if I need help. First of all my problem is camera. I create two cameras one as aim and second as main. I made a script to switch between them when i click right mouse button the this were working but i don't like the instant camera change I want make a effect like a camera going to the position of the other camera to make it look realistic. Can anyone help.
And if anyone knows a GTA type camera controller can they please tell me. Thanks

If you're having problems with just a Camera, your game is doomed before it ever starts.
This is the type of game that takes decades of experience to make. Unless you have secretive Rockstar team members
trying to help, but likewise, they'd do the Camera problem for you too.

And even more-so, this is the entire wrong section to post questions like this.
Put this in Collaboration. But any-who, I wish you the best of luck with you game.
I'd think a game like GTA would be up at the top of most impossibles for beginners like an MMO.

I didn't even said that I am creating a GTA. I a aid a game like. And like so not means to copy every single thing of that game. I here ment that a game with hood missions and open world and all not clone game. Dont take me wrong I am just 12 and a half years old. Dont mind. I have my whole life

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please stay on topic and help me

Try using vector3.lerp to smoothly change between both cameras positions.

thanks 8Eye.

BTW anyone don't laugh if I say I was getting an error for 10 seconds because I wrote = instead of ==

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No laughs - it happens to the best of us.

A couple tips:
1. Cameras are some of the hardest gameplay elements to get your head around starting out - if you've got a decent camera, gameplay is still hard to do, but if the camera doesn't work well, it ruins the rest of the gameplay no matter how good it is, so expect to be fighting with cameras for a long time.
2. If you've got a camera you're happy with, you're well on your way. Game dev can be a long and hard process but it can also be very rewarding - 12 and a half is a great age to start. :)
3. Don't use the same thread for every question you have - post a new thread for each question in the Scripting or Unity Support forums - Discussion is more centered around random industry talks, less about getting specific help.

Good luck, and have fun! I'm looking forward to seeing your game.


People want to make GTAs lately, huh?

Anyways! If you ask such simple question camera movement then I would advice you not to start from that, but to start from basics like flappy bird clone or ping pong mechanics.

Or just start here. There are tons of projects you can recreate using videos officially recorded by UT.

Have fun!

Thank you flaming hair ball. Your guided lines really helps.

You need to interpolate over time your camera from one position to the other, maybe also interpolate camera's fov. You can use LERP in your update method as someone suggested earlier, or use a tweening engine, such as DOTween.

Well this is a bit out of topic but anyone didn't even noticed. I am 12 an 1/2 and I am creating a GTA type game.

Jeez, I remember when I was eleven years and three-hundred and sixty-four days and 12 hours old and my crummy job prepping the side of the house for a paint job and my age still meant I did a crummy job and instructions to go over the side of the house as many times as it took with a putty knife until all the paint stopped flaking off.

Sorry kids, your teachers don't hand out gold stars and As based on your age. I know because I failed 3 years school being given Fs. 'I don't know.' at age 12 is the same as 'I don't know.' at age 50 or 'I don't know.' at age 100.

Now if you are talking I can't or I shouldn't well then when you're an old man or an old women that needs your lawn mowed than age is relevant. For your problem, age isn't relevant and there is "Standard Assets (beta) for Unity 4.6".

And a good reason why 12 year olds aren't allowed to earn driver's licenses.

The Site and Services are intended solely for persons who are 13 or older provided, however, you must be at least 18 to make purchases or submit content to Unity. If you are between the ages of 13 and 17, you represent that your legal guardian has reviewed and agreed to these Terms.

Not sure if we should counter-troll, or just report the account.

Yes, you mentioned it. You shouldn't let your age define your abilities, let your experience define it. As far as I can tell you don't have much experience. I am pretty sure you'll ignore this but, here I go. Don't start off with an insane project this big. An open world game in Unity is difficult enough for experienced developers. You have to learn how to crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run. Its highly unlikely that you'll run before you can crawl. I'm not saying you won't finish this but It is very very very unlikely.

Best of luck

Sure he probably won't actually remake GTA, but making a GTA-style camera with aim and orbit modes could be achievable. Lets start with helping him do that, hey?

The way I'd approach it is having two "anchors" for the camera. One at the aiming position, another set up for the orbiting. Have scripts on those anchors so that they move around as expected. Have a script on the camera so that it shifts ("lerps") between them depending on whether the player is in aim or orbit mode.

Of course that's easier said than done to begin with, but I think it should be achievable with some help. It's of course also only a little tiny fraction of a game like GRA, but everyone's got to start somewhere, and if you get this working it could come in handy for plenty of other stuff too.

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