camera issues when starting preview, can you help?

Hello i am new to unity and i have come across an issue with the cameras in my scene.
i have cameras set properly in the scene, i can see their viewpoints correctly but as soon as i click the start button to test out the controls of the game and the camera depth, the camera bugs out and moves to a stationary none existent camera in the distance, away from my terrain, i can still control my first person character but can not look through the camera feed. i really need help with this, i don’t want to start again on this project. i will give a image of before and after below.

thank you for any help.


If anybody else has this issue with their cameras, it is because of the terrain camera.

to fix just go to your terrain object in your hierarchy (shown in the red) select it and go to your inspector panel (shown in yellow) then go to the camera menu (shown in blue) and un-check the camera option, this fixed my problem and i hope it fixes yours.

if it is still not fixed then please comment and i will try to help.