Camera jitter at low Z Damping

Hi guys

We're making online racing game using Quantum Engine (from Photon)

The demo is using Cinemachine 2.8.6 for camera, the project is using Unity 2021.3.4f1.

I noticed that the car while at full speed is too far away from the screen, and I was trying to decrease the gap by adjusting the "Z Damping" value in the Body of the Camera.

However, setting the value lower than 1 will cause jitter while playing, it seems very annoying.

Also, setting the Z Damping at 0 is pointless, because while it decreases the gap and no more jitter, it doesn't have the "feel" when you accelerate using Nitro (kind of boring).

Furthermore, if the car moves at higher speed, the gap also increases.

I've been trying for days setting up the right camera angle for the game, but has had no result so far.

Here's the video clip

At the beginning: you can see the gap is quite big, and some minor jitter.
At 0:33 : I set the Y and Z Damping to 0, which solves the jitter, but the gameplay has no feel
At 1:08: decreases Y and Z Damping to 0.5, it causes jitter

As far as I know, all objects in this demo is not using RigidBody, but a custom Physics3D from Quantum.


There is a known issue in the Unity Editor that the framerate is very unstable when the transform panel of the inspector is visible. An unstable framerate will result in jitter when using damped cameras.

Please try, as an experiment, to close the inspector for your testing. Does the jitter go away? If so, then you can safely ignore it. It will be perfectly smooth in the build.