Camera jitters when editing scripts, do I need to worry?

I’m working on a 2d platformer and the camera seems fine when I start the scene, however if I modify a script when the scene is running the camera jitters all over the place until I stop and start the scene again.

Is this known unity behaviour or should I take it that I probably have some buried issue I need to sort out?

if you mean by editing changing code what happens is that Unity hotloads it while the game is running. A lot can go wrong when you do that.
and besides that,a camera would only ever jitter if something happens to it’s transform or it’s camera values. there’s no engine jitter bug that I know of from 5 years of using Unity.

Thanks very much guys, my main worry is that I am currently working on a platformer engine and I see myself working on the engine alone for 2-3 months. I thought an issue like this might point to a problem with the start & update timing of some scripts which could manifest once I got to multiple scenes and started loading levels.

From what I understand you’re saying that hotswapping code into a running scene is more surprising if it doesn’t break and I shouldn’t worry about it if that’s the only symptom?