camera layer issue, multiplayer.


im having an issue with setting up and disabling certain layers in multiplayer. i set it up so that i set up 2 layers, one to be displayed on my second camera (fps hands and what not) and the other to not show up on my camera. i made a c# script to set the layers when the player gets instantiated.

problem is, now i dont see other players. if someone can help me out, and/or point me in the right direction, id greatly appreciate it. thanks.

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all you have to do is disable the render mesh locally. the c# script for it is

MeshRenderer[] mrs = myPlayer.GetComponentsInChildren<MeshRenderer>();
		foreach(MeshRenderer mr in mrs) { 
			mr.enabled = false;
		SkinnedMeshRenderer[] smrs = myPlayer.GetComponentsInChildren<SkinnedMeshRenderer>();
		foreach(SkinnedMeshRenderer smr in smrs) {
			smr.enabled = false;

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