camera like in fallout shelter

I’m looking for a camera script that would act in the same way like the camera in fallout shelter.
I need to be able to move it with the arrow keys OR W,A,S,D and be able to zoom in and out with the scroll wheel or Q and E.
and I would like to have the mouse free.


I dont think you need a complete script for that.

Use what @Cherno showed you and insert the behaviour you want within the if-case.
You want the camera to go up on “W”?

if(Input.GetKey("W")) {
Camera.main.transform.Translate(Vector3.up * Time.deltaTime);

in your Update function should do the trick.

Try Using this kind of Code for all directions, and then search for a solution to zoom.
If you get stuck at some point drop by and ask more questions :wink: