Camera main is not callable

I have a multiplayer game and the Main Camera is disabled.

Each Player has it’s own Camera component attached to it with a script called PlayerController.

Each Player has a child script component which needs to access its mouse position.

I access then the parent camera like this:

GameObject playerCamera = transform.parent.GetComponent<PlayerController>().plCam;

But I am having problems trying to calculate its mouse position:

Vector3 mouseWorld = playerCamera.GetComponent<Camera>().main(Input.mousePosition);

It says Camera.main is not callable.

The problem if I just use Input.mousePosition it’s the position is not relative to the Player.

I have the player camera tagged as main and active and enabled, I dont know if I am missing something else.

You don’t neet to call .main in playerCamera.GetComponent().
main is not a method, is a property.
for that reason you can’t use the ( )