Camera Move to a path?

I am working on a game for the google cardboard but I would like the camera to move by itself to different places while nothing else moves. How would I attempt this???

if you want to “teleport” your camera from one place to another just change the transform position if the camera.
if you want to “move” and don’t have any constraint use translate Unity - Scripting API: Transform.Translate
and possibly
Unity - Scripting API: Vector3.RotateTowards

None of your scene object will move - except if they are children to the camera

Following our multiple comments - you can try this:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class CameraMove : MonoBehaviour
    Transform target;
    public Transform[] targets;     //this is an array you can drag different gameobject heres
    public float speed;
    public float distance;
    int wp = 0;

    void Start()
        target = targets[wp];

    void Update()
        float step = speed * Time.deltaTime;
        transform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(transform.position, target.position, step);

        //calculate distance 
        float currentDist = Vector3.Distance(transform.position, target.position);
        if (currentDist < distance && wp < targets.Length-1)
            target = targets[wp];

make sure your script is called CameraMove or change this public class CameraMove : MonoBehaviour to match the name of your script
then drag and drop the various targets to targets… in the order you want
set distance - e.g. 1
and speed - e.g. 5
and it should work
hope that helps