Camera Movement and angles

ok, so this is a really hard problem I don't know if anyone can help me or even if its possible but maybe just maybe someone here is uber-smart.

I'm trying to recreate the 3d monitor from johnny Lee's Wii demo.

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I'm wondering if it's even possible. essentially I need to make my monitor act as a window. not just a camera. that's it.

A camera can rotate left and right but as you can see in the video I need part of the screen to remain connected to the edge of the view. I honestly have no idea where to start. please help me!

What you need to do is calculate an asymetric view frustum that changes with your position. This is not trivial, but I can really recommend this book , it has a whole chapter on different projection matrices, which is essentially what you need to achieve this effect.

hey, did you get along with this problem? it's exactly the point i'm concerning about now.

my final project at design studies is about about to deal with the giant multitouchtable they got at my institute, on which i want to put 3d modells on. I want to achieve kind of a holohraphic illusion, that they are really standing on the surface of the table. by the help of faceapi for face viewer tracking... it's hard for me because i'm a graphicdesigner dummy to any code.