Camera-movement within another camera

Hi, I am trying to create a different camera for dialouges. Its attached to the player object so that it moves with him. the problem i have is that when the player stands close to the edge of a room, the dialogcamera would render outside the room. is there a way to restrict camera-movement only within another camera (or a specified x and y value, using collision detectors or whatever).

btw the main camera has a fixed place and the background is a 2d drawn image.

thanks :smiley:

1)create another camera and give name it UI cam and make it depth only camera from inspector and set its depth to 3 from inspector and set that camera to far from your room and also put dialog in the front of that new UI camera

  1. other option is you can assign layer to dialog box for example create new layer dialog and give it to dialogbox and than in ui camera you have to set cullingmast to dialogbox and in maincamera you have to unchecked the dialogbox from the culling mask option