Camera on Body going crazy

Hi again! I am making a better graphic for the first person controller by getting a rigged humanoid instead and applying animations when necessary, but I have a problem. When I press and hold ‘W’ the walking animation plays, but the graphic moves faster than the camera, and goes in front. When I turn the camera, the graphic still, but does a massive turn, as it is always in front of the camera. When I try to attach the camera to the graphic, it still makes huge turns, and the walking is faster than I want. If I attach the camera to the actual rig(Hips, Spine, Neck, Head, etc) not only does the camera violently follow with the animations, but the graphic STILL makes massive turns. If you don’t know what I mean, watch this video: - YouTube

Child the complete rig under the character controller, and make sure your rig is not moved by a script or animation script, you only need the animation for walking, not the movement, because the controller will do the moving.