Camera Orbit Character Rotation

Hi, I’ve been trying to make my own character controller using rigidbodies. This is going quite well so far, but I keep bumping into one problem.

I use the ImprovedMouseOrbit script for my camera. And this all works perfectly. The only problem is, I want my character always facing where you point your camera (third person). I’m now using:

transform.rotation.y =

To make the character face correctly, but when you rotate to around Y 180 the character doesn’t rotate with the camera anymore. If you rotate even more, it well do it again but the wrong way.

I thought this basic approach was quite solid, what am I overseeing?

I’ve tried this with FPSController prefab and my own character controller. So I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have to do with the other scripts.

One thing i can suggest is the player to the camera (as its parent object.)
The error sounds like its the way your script is set up for rotation, it probably goes in a latitude - longtitude type format. This is when 0 is the exact center and on the opposite side is 180 as the point if that makes sense. The only other problem i could think of is if this project is for flash you will get delayed mouse movement (but this never occures to me in editor mode)
Good luck :slight_smile: Hope this helped