Camera Preview/Frustum and Collider Outlines Not Displaying

I’m just starting out on some unity foundations from the learn.unity site, but have come across an issue. After some searching for answers I found out I need to ensure that the Gizmo is currently turned on, and that my Inspector is in Normal mode (not Debug mode). Even with both of these things ensured, after unrolling the Camera component, a Camera Preview is not showing. Furthermore, the frustum of the camera is not being displayed either.

This is a brand new project, and the only changes I have made are adding in the objects to make a monument, as per the guidance of the tutorial.

In the image above, I am using version 2019.4.18f1 as the user guide(s) I’ve been working through suggested. I have, out of curiosity, loaded up 2020.1.4f1 and can now see the Camera Preview window, but I still cannot see the frustum of the camera.

In the tutorial Create Real Time 3D Audio Effects (Create real-time 3D audio effects - Unity Learn) there is a section where the learner is asked to select the Character GameObject which would normally display the outline of the Collider as well as the camera frustum - just like the frustum, the Collider outline is not showing, and the typical camera icon isn’t being shown either.

It feels to me like there is some option of some description not turned on!

Any help would be greatly appreciated - cheers!

Solved: The Gizmos word is a button as well as having an acompanying drop down - even with all the check boxes ticked, the Gizmos button enables/disables all Gizmos from displaying.

Solution: Click the word Gizmos, not the drop down arrow!

Hope this helps someone else in the future!