Camera Problem!

When I push the play botton to try and test what I have done, the camera starts to flip around like it's falling, but the sceen stays in place it's just the camrera.

Okay, is this a player control camera? If so, i would believe that gravity maybe affecting it. Click on the camera in your scene, and take a look at what components you may have added to it. Like Jesse said, it maybe that you have a Rigidbody attached to it, causing gravity to take effect. If you DO want to rigidbody, then you might not have a collider active - this allows your character/camera to have a physical, solid shape. If it does? Then your floor/terrain may not have a collider. But there is not enough info for me to be sure.

Hope that helps

The camera starts to flip around like it's falling, but the screen stays in place.

Surely this is a good thing. If your screen fell off the table each time you played, you would lose your calm and sense after a few tries.

Joke aside, what do you mean saying "the screen stays in place"? Do you mean that you can see (through the editor) that the camera is following some other object but the actual render output doesn't move? Maybe you have two cameras in your scene where the main camera isn't hooked to the player. That way your player camera isn't actually enabled for screen rendering.

Try this:

  • Make sure there is only one camera in the scene.
  • Make sure your camera is tagged MainCamera.
  • Make sure your camera is enabled.