Camera problem

I want the camera to be over the level after I press space in a specific area.
But when I play the game, go to the area and hit space…it’s position goes somewhere else (can only see white, the color I chose to be in the background).

does the error come from that I fixed the cameras position to the player?

here is the code:

void OnTriggerStay(Collider other)

	//print("VI ER PO GONG!");
			//print("VI E LADDADE!");

Translate moves the transform relative to its previous position. When the key is pressed (more than one frame) the camera moves, moves, moves, moves, and moves again. Either you use absolute coordinates (transform.position) or you try it with Input.GetKeyDown, which is only fired once

In your script you’re moving the camera, not positioning it. Instead try using: