Camera rig warning! Auto Cam Script


I am trying to fix a camera to a car so that when it is driven, the camera will follow. Much to my annoyance, this isn’t working for me as easy as I’d hoped. I have the car already active but every time I add the ‘AutoCam’ script to the ‘Main Camera’, (so i can drive the car) I get the following:

*Camera rig warning

You should only adjust this camera’s Z position. The X and Y values must remain zero. Instead, move the Camera’s parent (the “Pivot”) to adjust the camera view*

It work’s non the less but the camera is fixed at idle ‘under’ the car. The car can go of screen when turning sharply and I cant edit anything in the inspector window without getting this warning. I have tried editing the Z position but this does nothing.

Any solutions I can try? Even if I have to download another script.

Also, what is ‘Camera’s parent’?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, I can’t remember if it was giving a warning to me,
but I also had the camera go under the car after using AutoCam script.

I solved this modifying AutoCam.cs, after the comment
// camera position moves towards target position:
transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(transform.position, m_Target.position + m_Target.transform.forward * -2 + m_Target.transform.up* 2, deltaTime*m_MoveSpeed);

So what I actually did, was tricking the camera into thinking that the target he is following is actually 2 units higher and -2 units “behinder”.