Camera Rotate Left/Right with Rolling Ball Using AddTorque

I have a very simple ball game where the ball rolls around on uneven terrain. However the camera is set up to only point in one direction with the only exception being when the ball rolls up or down a hill. But the ball applies torque in the left or right direction. I want the ball to turn left and right and keep momentum as it turns instead of applying torque in that direction. At the same time I want this camera to turn left and right with the ball, but not turn on the Z axis. In other words, when the ball turns left, the camera does so.

Preferably in UnityScript/JavaScript, can anyone help me out? This is the last thing I need to perfect this game.

Even i have been looking for the same answer, tried so many things like itween and other methods but stil didn’t workd.
Please let me know if you find any solution for this. my email address is