Camera rotation over Player

Hi, Im very new to Gamedevelopment and currently Im doing my first Steps with Unity, but Im already facing a problem I can’t solve with my small knowledge and hope someone could help me a bit.

I have a GameObject which should be my Player and the normal MainCamera in a scene.

I want to let the camera follow my player in a way that I can move the player with the keyboard and look around the player with my mouse inputs. I already have a script thats working, but there is one issue I don’t understand. If I try to rotate above my player it works if I look straight forward, but if I rotate the player and try it again, the camera rotates beneath the player instead of rotating over it…

Im using this code:

Everything is working fine, only increaseCameraAngle is making problems, if I have rotated the player with updateCameraRotation before… If I didnt rotate first, the increase works fine… but after a rotation it increases to the left :frowning:


void Update () {
		listenUserInputs ();

	private void listenUserInputs () {
		float keyboardVertical = Input.GetAxis ("Vertical") * movementSpeed * Time.deltaTime;
		float keyboardHorizontal = Input.GetAxis ("Horizontal") * movementSpeed * Time.deltaTime;
		transform.Translate (keyboardHorizontal, 0, keyboardVertical);
		mainCamController.updateHumanPosition (transform);

		if (Input.GetMouseButton (0)) {
			float mouseVertical = Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * turningSpeed * Time.deltaTime;
			transform.Rotate(0, mouseVertical, 0);

		if (Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel") < 0) {
			float mouseHorizontal = Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel") * turningSpeed * 3 * Time.deltaTime;

		if (Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel") > 0) {
			float mouseHorizontal = Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel") * turningSpeed * 3 * Time.deltaTime;


void Update () {
		if (humanPosition != null) {
			transform.position = humanPosition.position + humanOffset; 
			transform.LookAt (humanPosition.position);

	public void updateHumanPosition (Transform newPosition) {
		this.humanPosition = newPosition;

	public void updateCameraRotation (float newValue) {
		humanOffset = Quaternion.AngleAxis (newValue, Vector3.up) * humanOffset;

	public void increaseCameraAngle (float newValue) {
		humanOffset = Quaternion.AngleAxis (newValue, Vector3.right) * humanOffset;

	public void decreaseCameraAngle (float newValue) {
		humanOffset = Quaternion.AngleAxis (newValue, Vector3.right) * humanOffset;

Hi there, this forum post contains what you are looking for here.

Here is the script in c#

 public GameObject target;
    float radius = 3f, angleX = 0f, angleY = -45f;
    void Update()
        radius -= Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel") * Time.deltaTime * 100f;
        angleX += Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * Time.deltaTime;
        angleY += Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * Time.deltaTime;
        float x = radius * Mathf.Cos(angleX) * Mathf.Sin(angleY);
        float z = radius * Mathf.Sin(angleX) * Mathf.Sin(angleY);
        float y = radius * Mathf.Cos(angleY);
        transform.position = new Vector3(x + target.transform.position.x,
                                         y + target.transform.position.y,
                                         z + target.transform.position.z);

For longer time to transition from mouse pointer and target area, change Time.deltaTime to Time.deltaTime/2 and Time.deltaTime/3 and so on.
Hope this helped!