Camera seeing through plane when near its edge

I have a really strange situation going on and i have no idea what the problem is. I have a plane (actually 2 planes) set between the camera and the game map. They are intended to be used for fog of war. But, when the camera nears the edge of the planes a hole seems to appear in the planes in front of the camera, the closer to the edge i get the larger the hole becomes.

Here is a picture far enough away that the plane looks normal:

Here is a picture at the edge where part of the camera’s viewport is over the side of the plane:

Any one have any idea why this is happening ?

  • edit - I have discovered that the problem originates from the shader used on the hexagon grid that shows through the plane, it is using unity’s built in transparent/diffuse shader. If i change it to diffuse the problem desists, but of course i don’t get the effect i need. Any one know how i can solve this?

Have you checked your Near clipping Plane on the camera? default is set to .3 normally.

I have discovered the problem, but it has led to a seperate question so I will close this one and open a new one.