Camera settings for iPad 2D

Hi, I'm trying to set up my camera for a iPad 2D space shooter and would like to cover all the screen but I can hardly do within the interface of Unity iPhone. It works great in Unity for Mac or Windows but pretty difficult in the iPhone version. Are there any tips about this? I created a plane and place it at 0,0,0 coordinates but the camera isnt't covering the whole plane.

You can either make the plane bigger (change the Transform's scale), or move the camera closer to it.

I suppose a third option is to distort the camera's view by changing its aspect, but I'm assuming you want to put a texture on the plane and want it to not look stretched.

A fourth option would be to center the view on the plane and leave the left and right sides of the screen un-filled. Either show the background color there, or cover them with a decorative frame.

(You're basically just running into the same problem they have when taking a widescreen movie and formatting it for a (non-widescreen) TV. They either add black margins on the sides to use up the extra space, or they "zoom in" and cut off some of the movie's edges.)

Have you checked the coordinates of your camera? Whatever is in the cameras field of view gets displayed on screen. If the plane is centered on the but isn't filling up the whole view you could try moving the camera closer. So make sure the camera and the plane both have the same X and Y coordinates.