Camera shakes on controller movement

Hey Guys! When I click on the terrain so the player moves to the hit.point, and rotates towards it, I've also uploaded a project to demonstrate how it looks like : Simply, when u get into the game just click on the terrain and see that the camera like shakes and rotates, I want the camera just to see the player from above and also making sure the player will be on the center of the camera.

so there's a character and to it I attached a "Cube", to the "Cube" I attached the camera, so now the camera is a 3rd child of the character that moves. this is the character's movement : - attched to the character this is the script that attached to the Cube (simply what it does - on right click of the mouse it rotates around the cube which its position is exactly on the player's position.

Hierarchy View:

the camera doesn't have any script on it, I tried smoothfollow which doesn't make any difference, I think it's something wrong with the character's movement or something..

Solution : detaching the camera from the Cube, and then puting the SmoothFollow or ur FollowTrackingCamera script which is the same.

Looks like you have script somewhere checking for left mouse down. While I hold the left mouse button down and drag left or right the camera tries to turn.

Might skim your scripts attached to the camera and check that out.