Camera Smooth Move(PC)


I developed snooker project for TV broadcasting and it is in final step.
Also it requires high detail graphics and smooth camera moves from one hole to another hole.
But sometimes camera choppy randomly appeared in camera moving.
I think there are no problems in draw calls or fps.
Also I implement camera smooth move in LateUpdate() function but it doesn`t work well.
So I put main camera in empty game object and add tween in parent gameobject but it has same issue.
I used some packages such as ITween,Camera Path Bezier Move,Simple Waypoint System … but they have a bit choppy in camera moves.(I need perfect smooth move)
So I remake some functions such as Lerp,Slerp but they have same issue.
Are there any alternative ways to solve this issue?
Some posts say that there are some differences in GPU and CPU working so it makes choppy.
But is it possible? I think Assassin Creed has a perfect camera moves.
If anyone can help me, I will share main part of my project.

Kind Regards

try to use SmoothDamp() as described in documentation here

for position purpose, use Vector3.SmoothDamp() instead