Camera stacking + Cinemachine always seems to clear depth

When I create a base camera which culls certain layers, then an overlay camera which culls the other layers, then add the overlay camera to the base camera and untick “clear depth,” everything works as expected. However, as soon as I add the Cinemachine Brain component to the base camera, it’s as if clear depth IS ticked - even though it’s not.

In other words, I want my overlay camera to only render my player, but with depth, and the base camera to render the environment (so I can use different post-processing effects). I also want to use Cinemachine too, it seems as though the Cinemachine Brain isn’t compatible?

What am I missing? Or does this seem like a bug?

(I’m using Unity 2021.1.21f1 with URP and Cinemachine. I have my virtual cameras set up.)

Found a solution: I put the Cinemachine brain component on an empty game object. Then, I parented my base camera and overlay camera to that empty game object. Fixes the problem I mention, along with other wacky issues I was having.
If anyone has a better “actual” solution, let me know!