Camera starting position in unbound mode?

My 3D content which is at the scene’s origin, appears on the floor no matter what settings I try in the XR Origin (floor vs device, with offset etc). The same happens after holding the digital crown (recenter content), no matter the height, content is on the floor.

Is this not implemented yet?

What I expect to happen is that if I set it to device, content at 0,0,0 would be in the user’s head when the app is started on the device, instead of on the floor below the user.

I’m on v 1.0.3, testing on a real device

This currently isn’t supported / implemented. The content will always appear in the floor at (0,0,0) regardless of the Tracking Origin Mode. You can file a bug and post it here for us to track.

I am also affected by this. Is there a bug to track?

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