Camera Transform.Position (teleport)

Hey guys, I am have my player practically ("Teleporting) into an Interior Scene. (like Zelda games)

That works fine and dandy. But the way I have it is, I just stuck the interior scene UNDER the terrain, under the building, (If there is a better way let me know)

However, when I hit the trigger to go back UP to the ground, I have the Smooth Follow script on it, so even when I re-enable the Smooth Follow script, it still smoothly transitions from Underground to the top, is there a way to just have it teleport back up?

Here is my script for going back to the TOP of the ground.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class BackToWorld : MonoBehaviour {

	public Camera Main; // THis is PLAYER CAMERA
	public GameObject SpawnPoint;

	void OnTriggerEnter(Collider col){
		if (col.gameObject.tag == "Player") {
			Secondary.enabled = false;
			Main.GetComponent<SmoothFollow>().enabled = false;
		    col.gameObject.transform.position = SpawnPoint.transform.position;
			Main.GetComponent<SmoothFollow>().enabled = true;
			Main.enabled = true;

I’ve even tried attaching a Parent empty to the Camera, but I’ve realized recently that Cameras are hard to work with when you try to get them to do something outside their norms of just floating around lol.

Any help be much appreciated, thanks guys!

If you have a complex vast environnement (like Zelda games), I would recommend you to split to other scenes the interior and the exterior, at least for the dungeons.

For your problem, maybe when you teleport the player, get the Smooth script and tell it there was a teleportation.

Let me see i got it straight:

The problem is that the camera does a smooth transition from secondary camera to the main, and you expected to switch from one to the other without smoothing, right?

maybe you can make the smothing ocurr with a 1 frame delay, after you have sitched cameras:

On the on triggerEnter() remove the enabling of the SmoothFollow component, and create a flag set to true;
on update make a check, if (flag), enable the SmoothFollow Component.

that way you don’t get delay or that black screen, and the follow is there from the get go, but right after you started rendering with the main camera.

Hope this helps…