Camera turns to the front when reversing car


When I started making my game back in 2014 I followed a video tutorial and created a camera script with the help of that. When reversing though, the camera turns to the front of the car and I don’t like that. How would I get the camera to always look at the back of the car?

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class CarCameraScript : MonoBehaviour
		public Transform car;
		public float distance = 6.4f;
		public float height = 1.4f;
		public float rotationDamping = 3.0f;
		public float heightDamping = 10.0f;
		public float zoomRatio = 0.5f;
		public float defaultFOV = 60f;
		private Vector3 rotationVector;
		void LateUpdate ()
				float wantedAngle = rotationVector.y;
				float wantedHeight = car.position.y + height;
				float myAngle = transform.eulerAngles.y;
				float myHeight = transform.position.y;
				myAngle = Mathf.LerpAngle (myAngle, wantedAngle, rotationDamping * Time.deltaTime);
				myHeight = Mathf.Lerp (myHeight, wantedHeight, heightDamping * Time.deltaTime);
				Quaternion currentRotation = Quaternion.Euler (0, myAngle, 0);
				transform.position = car.position;
				transform.position -= currentRotation * Vector3.forward * distance;
				Vector3 temp = transform.position; //temporary variable so Unity doesn't complain
				temp.y = myHeight;
				transform.position = temp;
				transform.LookAt (car);
		void FixedUpdate ()
				Vector3 localVelocity = car.InverseTransformDirection (car.rigidbody.velocity);
				if (localVelocity.z < -0.5f) {
						Vector3 temp = rotationVector; //because temporary variables seem to be removed after a closing bracket "}" we can use the same variable name multiple times.
						temp.y = car.eulerAngles.y + 180;
						rotationVector = temp;
				} else {
						Vector3 temp = rotationVector;
						temp.y = car.eulerAngles.y;
						rotationVector = temp;
				float acc = car.rigidbody.velocity.magnitude;
				camera.fieldOfView = defaultFOV + acc * zoomRatio * Time.deltaTime;  //he removed * Time.deltaTime but it works better if you leave it like this.


You can make things easy having 2 cameras and activate the one you need :wink: