camera view independent of resolution

hi, i was wondering how to make my second camera, that shows interface controls in the top-right corner of the screen, resolution independent.

i have these values set in the inspector:

Normalized Viewport Rect: X:0.8 Y:0.0 Width:1 Height:1

but when i start the player and make game screen bigger, it messes up the view of the second camera. how to make it consistent?

Well you should probably change the width and height to .2, .2, because you're rendering a lot of it off screen with your X position at .8.

Using that method should make it resolution independent, if by resolution independent you mean it's the same percentage of the screen regardless of resolution.

However, a better way to do it might be to render that camera to a texture and render that texture on some geometry that has a fixed aspect ratio, so you don't have issues with rendering the game at different aspect ratios changing the aspect ratio of your interface controls.