Camera View- SideScroll Mario Style

I have looked around the forum a little bit ago but can’t seem to find exactly what I am looking for. (which leads me to think it’s something simple…that I’m just overlooking.) I want a camera exactly like old school mario (first one that ever came out) a camera that will focus on the player from a side view and follow the player. Could someone direct me to a post for that or explain how to do so? The only thing I really need help with at this point is the camera staying in the right view.

EDIT: This tutorial was made for an old Unity version (3.0), so the old link has been removed from the official site. Anyway I think that the camera functions still up-to-date with the new Unity (4.0), so if you want to take a look about it, for while you can look the following link ( 2 D Gameplay Tutorial | PDF | 3 D Computer Graphics | Computing ).

If you know some better link please post it here.

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Did you check this tutorial? I am using it and it is fine.

There you go:
there is whole 2d mario game tutorial there and 4 videos of it are camera. Also you’ll notice how the first camera video is titled orthographic view which is what you want