camera width zoom

hi guys , beleave that its nearly two days that im searching but i cant find a solution for my problem , so please help me if you can …
im using an orthographic camera in a 2d side game , and i just want zoom in/out the camera in width not in height when i use this code = Mathf.Lerp ( ,.007 +, Time.time);

the camera zooms out in height too and some part of sky is shown , that i dont want , i just need show the more area of the earth ,
also when i use this code = Rect (0, 0, 1, .5);	

the output comes out from full screen mode , so would anybody tell me that how can i modify the width ratio of the camera without modifying the height…
thanx alot , and alot more

You cannot do that with an orthographic camera - you are actually setting the height and the width is calculated from the viewport size.

It sounds to me like what you need is two cameras - one to render the sky (with lower depth than the other one) and one to render everything else. Set the second camera to clear nothing.

Not sure, but if it in fullscreen mode try changing screen resolution aspect ratio by changing screen height or width - Screen.SetResolution (w, h, true);