Camera won't rotate with parent object(Player)

I’m trying to make a simple FPS but I’m having trouble with the camera rotation.

What I’ve done is I made a camera the child of a capsule.

I made a mouse look script that moves the camera up and down, then I made a script that rotates the capsule on its Y axis.

What I’m aiming for is simple: I want the camera to translate and rotate with the capsule I made it a child to.

When I rotate the capsule in the Scene view it works like I’d like it too; the capsule rotates and the camera rotates with it.

When I press play and move the mouse up & down the camera moves up & down just fine;
When I move the mouse left & right the capsule rotates accordingly.

What’s wrong is that the camera just looks in one single direction. I’ll move to rotate my capsule and the camera will translate around it but it just keeps looking in the same direction as it moves around the capsule. It won’t rotate to view in front of the capsule.

You need to attach a MouseLook on X Axis on your capsule.

Place an object (such as a cube) in front of you to make sure there’s something in the scene to see. I had the same problem and spent a good 10 minutes trying before I figured out that I wouldn’t be able to see any rotating because I was in the center of a light spot.