Cameras as 3D stereo - Overriding the games colors?

Hi, I would like to know if with the recent upgrade to better OGL for unity 3.2 cameras can do a stereo pair, titing everythgin from left to RED channel and everything from the right camera on blue and green?

Besides this, how possible is to render 2 cameras at the same time, in "overlay" or "screen" (methods of layers in compositing software) modes?


Google around for it, but there have been several systems whereby people have done stereo rendering. The ones I've dealt with are a) using a 'man in the middle' driver (like z3d) which does it all for you, in any 3d engine, and b) set up 2 cameras, each of which render to textures, then set a camera on those two textures. Mine were placed side-by-side, but I suppose you could tint them and make them semi-transparent and overlay them. If they need to be interlaced and masked, I suppose that could be scripted, but I would hope that a shader could be written for great performance.