Camra displayed on a cube...

Hello readers I was wondering if you could help me with something

I would love to create a cube and place it on my map

thats not the thing im having promblems with

after I put this cube down I would love to place a camra down

and then script it to were what ever that camra see’s

pops up on that cube

Long story short

I would love to make a cube sceen with a camra hooked up to it

Pleas let me know how to do this…

What you’re trying to do is typically done with a RenderTexture, see Unity’s site about it.

Technically what happens is that a texture you define rather than the screen becomes the target of whatever the camera ‘sees’. It’s an off-screen buffer, basically. You can then assign the texture to models in your scene. This is typically how objects like TV-screens or the openings of teleportation portals are implemented and, in your case, a cube with the camera’s output on it.

I’m sorry to say that RenderTextures are a Unity Pro feature however, so it won’t be accessible to you unless you have Unity Pro, or are still using the free trial. I know of no way to accomplish what you ask using just the free version.