Can't create custom class in js?

	gunID1 = new ItemClass[10];
	gunID1[0] = new ItemClass();
	if (!gunID1[0])
		Destroy (this.gameObject);

I was having some trouble with ItemClass, so I wrote this simple script to test if my classes were really being created. True to my suspicions, the GameObject destroyed itself. Ergo, gunID1[0] = new ItemClass(); doesn’t actually create an instantiation of the class.

Here’s the code for ItemClass:

#pragma strict
//extends System.ValueType;

var exist : boolean;
var clas : int;
var subClass : int;
var ty : int;
var activeVar : int;
var activeVar2 : int;
var modAmmo : int;
var modSlot1 : int;
var modSlot2 : int;

So basically, what I’m asking is what is wrong with my code? I REALLY don’t want to revert to using individual variables in separate arrays for the item system. Thanks!

Try wrapping the contents of ItemClass.js in

public class ItemClass {

your code