Can't replace loading image in web player

I’m having issues with replacing the load image in the unity webplayer: following the instructions in the user manual, I’m able to change the background color just fine, but it won’t do a thing for the images. I have a new png named MyLogo in the same directory as the html page, and I’m using 3.5 Pro.

Here’s the javascript:

		if (typeof unityObject != "undefined") {

var params = {
	backgroundcolor: "A0A0A0",
	bordercolor: "000000",
	textcolor: "FFFFFF",
	logoimage: "MyLogo.png",
	progressbarimage: "MyProgressBar.png",
	progressframeimage: "MyProgressFrame.png"
			unityObject.embedUnity("unityPlayer", "WebPlayer/WebPlayer.unity3d", 600, 450, params);

Ok, just cleaning up my own questions for anyone who finds it in the future:

The solution is that to replace the logo, you must also replace the progress bar images. If all three are replaced, it’ll work out fine.