Can a Developer without graphical skills build its game?

Hi, I’m a newbie on Unity but a web developer with strong c# competencies.
I haven’t got graphical skills, I only used sometimes illustrator.

So my question is, based on your experiences, do you think that is better start to build a 2D game or a 3D game considering that I haven’t graphical skills?

It seems that 3D graphics is completely different than 2D, so maybe I’m not a good 2D designer but I could be a good 3D designer :slight_smile:
Or do you think that I have to start studying 2D graphic ?

Any suggestion for me?


I feel that 2D has a larger, more complete selection of professional quality CC0 and other permissive license assets. Good place to look for this stuff is on or Assets · Kenney

I recommend you look into the LPC ( it is a semi-standardized art style to with a large number of assets that people even after a few years are still developing for.