Can a Gameobject that is controlled by Animator be dragged by a non animator controlled object

I am trying to make a mounting system with the new Mecanim system. I am using a Player controlled by Mecanim Animator State Machine. The player moves fine with out the mount. The mount is a horse that is set active and at the proper position under the player, who is changed to a riding position.

The mount is controlled by a legacy controller. The mount can try to move and the animations on it work but it is stuck and jittering around the player.

I tried to have the mount carry/pull the player around with the following code:

PHP Code:

// handling mount section
        else if (currentBaseState.nameHash == mountState)
            col.height = 1.01f; // me
            mount.t.eulerAngles = player.transform.eulerAngles;
            //onMount = true;
            mount.t.position = player.transform.position + Vector3.down;
            player.transform.position = mount.transform.position; // I expect the mount to drag (carry) the player around
            print("I'm here isMounted");
        else if (currentBaseState.nameHash != mountState)

Can anyone give me some advice. Thanks

Video of the issue


Parent the player to the mount. The player will function as normal within its own animations and move with the mount.