Can a GameObject's full inspector be drawn in a custom Editor Window ?

I have a custom editor window.
I would like to display the inspector for a selected UnityEngine Object in my editor window.
Say for example, a prefab / instantiated gameobject.

I create the editor for the object like this:

Editor objectEditor = Editor.CreateEditor(object);

In my OnGUI function, I call the following 2 functions:


The header displays ok.
But it is the ONLY thing that displays.

OnInspectorGUI doesn’t draw anything.

DrawDefaultInspector doesn’t draw anything either.
I tried both of them.

I was expecting to see the transform, attached scripts, material etc.

Can a gameobject’s full inspector be drawn in a custom window ?
If so, how ?


Please call


instead of or after objectEditor.DrawHeader(); and you can see full inspector