Can a particle system generate one single texture from a texture sheet?

I made a texture sheet with 10 different snowflakes and I want my particle system to randomly pick up one of those 10 snowflakes and stick to it.

I tried to set the tiling as x=5 and y=2 in the Material that I created but the particles generated is 10 TIMES my texture sheet instead of one tenth of the texture sheet.

I also tried Texture Sheet Animation but the snowflake keeps changing from one snowflake to another.

I want the particle to stick to ONE snowflake for the whole lifetime of the particle.

how do I achieve that?

Thanks in advance

In Texture Sheet Animation set up Tiles to values you want, i.e. x=5, y=2. Animation - “Whole Sheet”, Frame Over Time - “Random Between Two Constants”, and it’s values are 1 to 10

If texture sheet dimensions aren’t degree of 2, you can convert it to Sprite and slice it into pieces( it will look more nicely).