Can a SelectionGrid appear to be not pressed initially?

I don't know if this is possible but I am using two selection grids in my script. They work perfectly except for one thing. The SelectionGrids always have the first item appear to be selected even when its not. Until I press the first item to select it (even while in its downstate) the value itself will not change.

My question is; is there any way to create a SelectionGrid and have no values in it appear as they have been pressed or selected until you actually press an item.

I think it works if you set the initial index to -1.

the answer of Eric is good but the code i use is like this

int selection =-1;//to make sure nothing is selected at first
void OnGUI()
    selection = GUI.SelectionGrid(new Rect(0,0,100,50),selection, new string[]{"Option 1","Option 2"},1);

//remember the other parameters as number of elements and elements per line can be changed, just used those values to make an example =P

I just found an alternative to selection grid,you can loop through normal buttons and place them in a grid.for me it’s an advantage because I need a smaller grid.

for (var b7:int = 0; b7 < 36; b7 ++)	{
	if (GUI.RepeatButton (Rect(b7*10% 60+240,Mathf.Floor(-b7*10/60)*10+60,10,10),GUIContent("st","spherical area to apply modifier")))
		Wt=(b7%6)+1;   Ht=(Mathf.Floor(b7/6))+1;
	GUI.Label (Rect(300,300,300,100),GUI.tooltip);	}