Can A Simple Phone Number Dialler Be Made In Unity

Just wondering if it’s possible to make a simple interactive screen that can actually dial a phone number and then be able to answer a phone.

Unity cannot do this, but you can write an app for the mobile in Unity which uses native mobile API calls.

You could use this code to set up a call from a mobile phone:

    /// <summary>
    /// Executes the button action call phone number
    /// </summary>
    private void ExecuteButtonAction_CallPhoneNumber()
        Application.OpenURL("tel://" + phoneNumber);
        if (DebugManager.instance.isDebugAll && DebugLogging) { Debug.Log("[ButtonAR] Phone number " + phoneNumber + " is being called."); }

The question is more along the lines of “Can I do this in C#” rather than “Can I do this in Unity?” - take a look around at some other websites to see if you can use the Telephony API or SAPI from C# and you might find some techniques that work.