Can a tagged object exclude itself from FindGameObjectWithTag?

This has already been asked once before, but as changing tags isn’t an option for me, I’m wondering if any less hacky methods have been figured out since then or, failing that, if anybody could clarify how exactly one can use arrays to do what I’m trying to do; which isn’t explained very clearly in the other question.

Going off of Gruffy’s idea. I excluded the gameObject of which this script is attached, but added all the other gameObjects of a certain tag to a List

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class FindTaggedGameObjects : MonoBehaviour {
	List<GameObject> gos = new List<GameObject>();

	void Start () {
		foreach (GameObject go in GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag ("YourTag")) {
			if (go.Equals(this.gameObject))

One idea:

GameObject[] obj=FindGameObjectsWithTag('Itsyourtagyeah')as GameObject;
GameObject[] nobj=new GameObject[obj.length-1];
int i=0;
foreach(Gameobject o in obj){
if(o!=this.gameobject){nobj*=o; i++;}*

It should work.

My javascript solution (changing a tag temporarily though) would be :

var people : GameObject[];
var person : GameObject;

function Update(){
	this.gameObject.tag = "Counter"; //temporary tag
	people = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Human"); //find everything
	Debug.Log("Found "+people.length+" people.");
	this.gameObject.tag = "Human"; //change your tag back