Can a Trigger object utilize the OnTriggerEnter() Function?

I am attempting to make a game in which an instantiated object called Sensor is created. Sensor (upon creation) is placed a certain distance away from the spawn point. Sensor is a trigger. The concept is that once the Sensor is placed in that certain distance, it checks to see if it is colliding with anything. I’m attempting this using the OnTriggerEnter() Function. The Sensor
has both a Rigidbody and a Collider, the object it is checking for is a standard Capsule that does have a collider. For some reason, the OnTriggerEnter() Function (in the Sensor code) never recognizes that it collides with the capsule. I’ve already checked the collision matrix and the tags, they check out fine. Is it that a Trigger is unable to use the OnTriggerEnter() Function?
If you have any other solution / method feel free to recommend it. This is all done in C#.

Have you tried putting this on your sensor object?

void OnTriggerEnter (Collider other) {
           if(other.gameObject.tag == "Player") {

Also make sure your player object has the tag “Player”.

OnTriggerEnter is sent to the object that has a Collider marked as “Is Trigger” in the inspector, when another collider enters its collider area.

A trigger does not require a RigidBody component.