Can a Trigger (Oppose to a collider) Trigger another Trigger?

Good day all,
I have multiple objects in my scene, and I want to know when they are in reach of one another. I was thinking of creating sphere (colliders) Triggers to do this, problem is, only a colliders can trigger a trigger. (Or I am doing something wrong)
Alternatively I could use Vector3.Distance(a, b) but doing that for multiple objects frequently (i.e. each frame update) doesn’t sound like an optimize approach (perhaps even the triggers are also not optimize I don’t know). What is a best way to to achieve this? Is there a way to get trigger to trigger other? Or even set up the collider not to bounce of other colliders would work (currently I am pushing objects away from one another when trigger is not set to true)

Thanking all in advance

Kinematic Rigidbody Trigger Collider should trigger each other. So if you set up both collider to

  • have a Rigidbody component
  • Kinematic flag to true
  • Trigger to true

then the OnTriggerEnter function should be called on both colliders without any physical effect on the real positions.