Can accounts for my game be connected to my website

hi, im making a video game called kianate, and i have a domain name for it, however i was wondering if i could make it so… if someone signed up on my website, they could then sign in, with that same account, in the game. is this possible, because i think ive seen it before, and if so, how might i do it.

Sorry but the question is what is that account good for? What do you actually want to do with those accounts? Also do you want to have an account being optional or mandatory for your users to play your game?

Next thing is where do you actually want to publish your game? Is it a WebGL, standalone or mobile game?

In general, of course it’s possible to create a user / account system on your website and have your users sign in using their account. Though you should be aware of your duties when it comes to privacy and security when you store any kind of user data on your side. (If you have never thought about that yet this is a mandatory video)

If you asked this question in an attempt to get an answer which provides you with all the necessary serverside and client side code that is ready to use, you are in the wrong corner of the internet. The only keywords I can give you are:


 - PHP
 - MySQL database (or something similar)

Clientside (Unity):

 - UnityWebRequest
 - UI system

General topics:

 - SSL certificate
 - webhosting in general

While I can’t give you the code (too long, no one will do it for free) I can tell you how, though I am not very experienced in server/database stuff.

first, you need to establish a database using MySQL(or any other database scripting language) so you can store all the information about the user. Second from what I understand, you want the registration from the website, so in your website make a “Register” page and in that page make fields that the visitor can write their info in (name, age, gender, etc…) and make a “register” button so you can send the information from the fields to the database. Third, in your game make a sign in page where you retrieve the information from the database to the game and based on that information from the database, the game is changed (if you paid for a sword in the website, there will be a sword in the game).

if you don’t know how to do this, there are lots of tutorials on youtube… and there are lots of sitebuilding website (wix or wordpress(plus plugins)) that can make this easier.