Can after effects sequences be imported to Unity for GUI?

Hello, we're trying to make a UI for our game and were wondering if file formats from After Effects can import into Unity



If you mean simply dragging an After Effects file into Unity and it interprets it like it does a Photoshop .psd, then no.




While you can't get your After Effects file in, you CAN get your After Effects keyframe data in - and then use that data to recreate the animation.

In After Effects simply select the keyframes you want to replicate, control C to copy them, then open up a text editor and paste the data. It will show you something like this:

Adobe After Effects 8.0 Keyframe Data

     Units Per Second      29.97
     Source Width      1
     Source Height      1
     Source Pixel Aspect Ratio      1
     Comp Pixel Aspect Ratio      1

Transform      Position
     Frame      X pixels      Y pixels      Z pixels      
     0      356.006      270.637      0        
     6      361.781      273.339      0        
     11      359.628      267.893      0

You can then use this data to replicate the animation in unity.

If you want the exact position per frame (rather than keyframes):

  1. select the property you're interested in
  2. add the expression 'value'
  3. Animation > Keyframe Assistant > Convert Expression To Keyframes
  4. select all the new keyframes, copy, then paste into a text editor

Good luck.

I just made plugin with can import After Effect animation to Unity project

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