Can an empty state in Animator cause performance issues?


I want to play multiple animations (explosion, flying stars, etc.) using only one gameobject (there are no 2 animation playing at the same time), so I’ve created states for this gameobject like: exp, flying.

However usually I don’t want this gameobject to play any animation, so I’ve created an empty state, so the animator plays this empty state.

Can this cause any performance issues, or this solution is good as it is?

It will be just fine from a performance standpoint.

Just have to be a little careful because Mecanim will treat “no motion” as being ground state for the object. i.e. in the case of a humanoid it might revert back to the t-pose while the “no motion” was playing. In your case though it should be ok, because ground state of your object is presumably one in which the player cannot see anything.