Can an iPad app be restricted to Metal and/or OGLES3 only for the store?

We have an app close to submission and would like to restrict availability to higher-end newer iPads only. We have a ton of assets we need loaded up (via asset bundles) and aren’t happy with memory restrictions and performance on 512MB devices (older iPads). Ideally we would like to restrict our app for sale on Metal-compatible devices only.

Has anybody had any success using the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key to set Metal or OpenGLES3 as a requirement before they submit to the store? We tried to use armv7s as a restriction, but it was rejected by the Xcode store uploader as we submitted as being invalid.

I do see Metal listed as a valid key - iOS Keys

Would that work if we made a Metal or OGLES3-only build (with no OGLES2) and set that restriction in the plist?


– Brian.

To answer my own question in case others are interested, you can use the “Metal” flag with UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities